How Our Enemies Can Be Our Teachers

When I was young, I was very impatient with other drivers. I thought they were rude, disrespectful, and posed a challenge for me. I was working on myself as a person, and I didn’t like the frequent negative experiences I had with other people. One Christmas while I was in graduate school, something happened to […]

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Waking Up at Princeton: It’s not always the degree you get that makes you smart

Many years ago, when I was working toward my first Master’s Degree at Princeton, I had an experience that really changed my life. This experience positioned me on a new path, and provided me with a new direction regarding how to live my life. I had accomplished many things at Princeton: I was graduating with […]

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The Pursuit of Happiness: What Are You Seeking?

We all search for different things. Some of us seek money, some seek fame, some seek love, and some seek health. However, I believe that what we are all ultimately searching for is happiness. “I’ll be happy if I find the love of my life…I’ll be happy if I get that promotion and can purchase […]

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