Whether the one is married for eight months or eight years, it is normal for everyone that spark tends to fade with the passing years. But this does not mean that one can’t bring those buttery and fluttery days back that they experienced at the beginning of the relationship. Mostly, all marriages go through the rough stages of life. Some of them does not survive for a long time and ends up with the marriage breakdown. Whereas some faces the situations to maintain and reignite the same spark they felt in the beginning.

These 5 ways are very much important to consider if you are also the one who wants to infuse their relationship with some old thrills.

1. Watch Your Words

There are many things that you need to ignore or stop saying to your spouse. Like appreciating your neighbor, comparing your spouse with others, and much more. Also starting the conversation by pointing the mistakes of your spouse can make them shut down or get them in a situation to start a fight. So, think before you speak. Stop for a while and look for what you want to convey and do your words really mean the same or not.

2. Appreciate Your Partner

Even after it’s been many years for your marriage it is important to appreciate your partner with that kiss and hug which took place in the beginning of your relationship. Studies have shown that the occurrence of various hassles in the marriage or cheating on the partners can be because of emotional attraction and not only the intimacy. Moreover, a relationship is called a shark which needs to be moved constantly or else it dies. So, keep that spark alive with appreciation whenever your partner goes for work or comes home.

3. Be Honest

Hiding things from your spouse can surely come back to bite you in distinct ways. Money issues are very common among the couples and if you ever lie about overspendings then it will become difficult to gain that trust again further leading to marriage breakdown. So, being honest in a relationship is a must to keep the love alive forever.

4. Say Thanks For Little Things

Constantly making your partner remember the tasks or work you do or have done for them is childish. Like telling them “I changed my job for you”, “I cook the food or clean the closets of kids,” and forcing them to do something for you in the terms of favor. This not only sounds funny but slowly chips away from the connection and trust you’ve built over the years with your spouse. Instead of this, appreciate their work, say thanks for their little time investment in helping out with your household tasks. This will keep the love alive and grow your relationship stronger year by year.

5. Enjoy the Silence

Sometimes the best way to save your relationship is to just leave the problem unaddressed. It is not important to attend or answer every situation. Practice to let the things go off as much as you can. Remind yourself of the reasons you married your partner and let things pass on without addressing.

However, if you stay silent but still harbor the negative thoughts regarding the situation then it will surely worsen the relationship.

Most of the people think that with the passing of years losing the spark in relationships is obvious but it is not so. It is not that hard to keep that spark alive as you think. Creating or re-creating that glimmer just requires a few improvements in the behavior. However, Doctor Robert Puff is a great marriage counselor in Newport Beach who counsels individuals, families, organizations, and businesses in achieving the happiness all around. If you are facing some relationship issues or want to better your communication with the spouse then hire a Newport Beach Marriage Counselor who can help you in saving your relationship and make the love grow forever no matter what the situation is. All the Best!