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Finding and maintaining your inner peace

Finding and maintaining your inner peace in today’s world is no easy task. We tell ourselves that if we practice meditation daily, we’ll achieve inner peace. Or if we do breathwork and mindfulness exercises before bed, we’ll achieve inner peace. Activating and maintaining our inner peace is more complicated than that. There’s a myth out […]

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Meditation Can Make You Smarter (and Happier)

By Dr. Robert Puff, Ph.D., Newport Beach Psychologist

Meditation is probably as old as human civilization itself. While the test of time could be proof positive demonstrating the benefits of meditation, scientific study has yielded evidence that meditation is good for us as well. In this blog post, I’ll summarize widely publicized research about meditation.

Dr. Herbert […]

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Relationships: Finding a Great Partner

By Dr. Robert Puff, Ph.D., Newport Beach Psychologist

Finding a great partner involves two parts: being a good mate yourself and looking for someone who is as much like you as possible.

These two parts interact and affect each other. For example, the second part relates to the adage, “Birds of a feather flock together.” There’s a […]

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The Path to Peace of Mind

Clients come into my practice seeking relief from adversity they’re facing. Divorce, death, depression…any number of difficult events have led them to set up an appointment with me. They’re seeking peace of mind and can’t find it on their own.
In this post, I’ll provide you the simple path to discovering this elusive state of mind.
Before […]

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If You Like Chocolate, You’ll Love Peace of Mind

By Dr. Robert Puff, Newport Beach Psychologist
“What is peace of mind? And how do I know when I have it?” is a question I’m often asked.
Unfortunately, words are insufficient to describe what peace of mind is. Thus using them will always wind up coming short of an accurate description. In this regard, peace of mind […]

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