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Embracing the Adventures of Life

Life can be such a beautiful adventure — that is, if you give yourself permission to experience it.
Many years ago, I went on vacation for a week at an all-inclusive resort in Mexico. This resort offered sporting-type activities, which made it a unique experience for me. It offered yoga, volleyball, rock climbing, hiking — you […]

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Being Fearless in the Face of Fear

Fear is such a powerful emotion. It has the ability to keep us safe, but for many of us, it keeps us paralyzed, and keeps us living to our fullest extent.
When our fears get out of control, we can shut down. They can paralyze us. But we’re here to live our lives well, and if […]

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Suck Out All the Marrow of Life

Let’s take a moment to consider the words of one of America’s most prominent and esoteric philosophers, Henry David Thoreau.
Thoreau is best known as a New England Transcendentalist when spent the years 1845-47 living on the outskirts of society in a small cabin in the woods by the side of Waldon Pond. He called this […]

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“You’re Right!” The Power of Our Thoughts

Did you happen to see the movie A Beautiful Mind? It was released in 2001 to great critical success, and it won four Academy Awards, including best picture.
 The main character of the film, played by Russell Crowe, is John Nash, a real-life mathematician who actually won the Nobel prize, as the movie depicts, and also […]

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Listening to the Music of Life

Imagine it’s your birthday, and your friends and family pool their money to get you the best gift you can imagine: tickets for fabulous seats to see your favorite musical act. You get to the venue, you find your place up front, and then you settle in to experience every aspect of the music you […]

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