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When someone is going through a crisis, it means that he is experiencing a situation or life event that he cannot handle on his own. It does not necessarily have to be a “traumatic” event for a person to feel that he or she is in a crisis. The purpose of crisis counseling isn’t about analyzing the event—but the client’s reaction to the event. It’s important to remember that crisis counseling is not psychoanalysis. Nor is it long term. For example, if you go to a Newport Beach psychologist for a crisis, he is going to set up a treatment for you that lasts only between a few weeks to three months. Crisis counseling is designed to enable the client to cope with his current crisis and give him the tools and information he needs to react to future events with self-confidence and awareness.

What Crisis Counseling Accomplishes:

Comforts and Consoles:

When a client comes to me with a crisis, he wants to be comforted. He wants to vent and have someone listen and understand. It is my job to offer nonjudgmental support. Though this is not the only purpose of crisis counseling, it is very important for the healing process. This also helps the client develop a temporary relationship with me. Some of his permanent relationships may encourage emotional dependency rather than self-reliance. But our temporary counselor-client relationship will help him become more emotionally independent.


My job is to educate my client. I outline the client’s situation and explain the steps he should use to solve or cope with his crisis. Also, the client must know that his reactions are normal. This will help him prevent the crisis from dragging out; otherwise, it will continue to burden his functioning.

Addresses Irrational Beliefs:

Reactions result from beliefs, and irrational beliefs are what often cause crises. I help my clients become self-aware; he will realize what is driving his thoughts and reactions. The more aware the client becomes, the more equipped his is to react to situations differently.

Develops Coping Skills:

By eliminating irrational beliefs, coping skills will naturally develop. I help the client face the current crisis and teach him the tools needed to cope with it. My long-term goal is to help the client utilize these skills for the rest of his life’s challenges.

When Should You Get Counseling?

So when is the best time to consider crisis counseling? If you’re feeling overwhelmed, lost, or desperate, get help now. I will help you face your problems with the gentle guidance. It’s my hope that through crisis counseling, you will face the future with the more strength and self-awareness.