There comes a time in life when you start feel discouraged and lose enthusiasm to work on things. It is very common to face the unsuccessful situations in life when you were expecting much more than facing the failure. The increasing stress and competition in the workplace or the family issues can lead you to the situation where you may feel alone and unmotivated. In such situations, it is highly important to make sure that you must not lose the self calm and confidence. Life is all about trying to succeed and success needs hard work and motivation. In the next few minutes, we will take you to the possible reasons why you need a psychological assistance from professional in case you are unable to move out of trauma or stress which is pushing you down.

There come many times in life where you are left unmotivated to work on things or goals which you think must be achieved. Most of the people are highly pessimistic to their goals and failure. The major reason behind this thinking is lack of will, confidence, and motivation. However such type of feelings can be worked with the help of an expert such as Newport Beach Psychologist, Dr. Robert Puff who can help you in gaining confidence and motivation.


Generally, people who are highly unmotivated in nature see the things with a completely different perspective which is totally negative. In such situations, people are found to be either lacking the skills or are feared to use their skills bringing the sense of failure. The psychologist can work on this by communicating with the person and suggesting the idea of benefits and rewards which one could achieve by implementing the skills. Rewards play a very important role in creating a motivation within individuals.

Another issue which is found with the unmotivated people is the selection of goals which are very difficult to achieve. Trying on such goals would be the complete loss of energy and time when you are lacking in skills and resources. Therefore, the goal must be well defined so that appropriate skills in which a person holds mastery can be applied to get the things done.

There are some other important traits of the people who are unmotivated and these involve having lack of will to work hard for the goals, fear to go and grab the opportunities, fear of getting failure, inability to accept the mistakes of their own self etc. some people also have strange beliefs which make them do nothing good, for example, some people think themselves to be worthless and untalented. Moreover, they have lack of knowledge about utilizing time. Inability to manage the things with time and feelings of getting failure are some significant reasons which can lead to failure.

However, an expert of psychology can surely help such people by transforming the way of perceiving the things and looking towards the world. A regular session with a psychologist can help in changing a view of a person over things and making them work harder to get their goals bringing high energy and enthusiasm which is required to achieve the success. It is all about psychology and only those can succeed who have well-developed goals, managed time, confidence, will to learn and polish skills along with a fearless approach to opportunities. The person who are missing in these things can surely get a professional hand of help from experts like Dr. Robert Puff, Ph.D. to retrieve the motivation which can change their life.