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Marriage counselling needs are emerging due to couples complaining about various issues with their marriage. Most of the times, the couples want to save their marriage and need professional help to find the love which they lost somewhere in their lifestyle and day to day activities. Marriage Counseling Newport Beach services try to give a comfortable and homely feel to the couples so that they can work on the advice provided to save a marriage or coping with separation.

Getting remarried: the hard times of getting divorced and getting remarried are very well managed by the expert marriage counselors. It is very difficult to enter into a new relationship where you need to bond with new family and may be kids of your partner. Marriage counselors can help you working on your family relationships as well to make sure the marriage can be transitioned smoothly without any differences because second marriage is more prone to separation as compared to first due to these kind of gaps.


Dr. Robert Puff

Mental health: the couples may lose their charm if any of them has some mental health issues such as anxiety, anger, or depression. In such condition, it becomes difficult to live together and a situation of grief is developed between the couples. The marriage counselors can help the couples to get the right way of dealing with mental health issues without compromising in their married and love life.

Physical health: sometimes couple may get separated due to issues related to physical health. The physical health issues which are related to intimacy can be highly disturbing to the couples. Moreover, if some kind of disability is preventing one of the person from working or contributing to family needs can become a huge reason for the marital problems. Therefore, intervention of experts like Newport Beach Counselling services can make a huge difference in the perception and behavior of couple towards such issues.

Addiction: addiction of any kind can be dangerous to your health as well as family. Maximum couple report visits to counselors due to addictions. The addictions can be related to drugs, alcohol consumption, gambling or internet which is taking away the quality time which they could have spent with their loved one. Marriage counselors rectify such issues and help by addressing the steps which can be followed to bring love above the addiction in marriage.

Disagreements: getting expert help from the marriage counselors can also help in bridging the gap due to differences of opinion with parents and communication gap between the couples. The counselors are aimed at finding the common grounds and deal with the ways to avoid such collisions of opinion to improve the health of marriage. Rebonding the couples is the main focus of the counselors and therefore, they try to work over every single issue which is forcing the idea of separation into the head of couples.