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Divorce is not easy, neither for you nor for your spouse. It is going to be even harder on your kids. Ask your Newport Beach Psychologist of ways to avoid going down that road for the betterment of your family. You owe it to yourselves as partners and to your love. You have built a little world of your own and letting your differences come in the way of a happy home is not the right thing to do.

Marriage is bound to fail when you give up on it. It is destined to crumble down when you consider it a failure in your mind. It is not a matter of signing a few papers and you should do all you can to never let it come to look at those documents.

But there are several cases when the end of a marriage may feel like heaven. It might seem like a total relief but the process of it is still going to be very stressful. There are certain ways to cope with that stress and also to reconcile with your spouse so that this situation doesn’t arise in the first place. Whatever your decision is, it should be well thought out and final.

Many reputed Newport Beach Psychologists say that things could get out of hand even for the partner who chooses to leave a marriage. After all, they too have invested in the alliance and the person for years or months or for the time they spent together when courting each other. This results in a lot of suppressed feelings and a range of emotions coming to the surface.

The most common feelings and emotions that they experience are sorrow, regret and grief, guilt, frustration and anger, confusion, fear, insecurities of various kinds and also a shame, and anxiety and nervousness and other disturbing realizations as well. And like we already pointed out that if children are involved in such situations, the stress of the separation /divorce easily becomes more intense.

Your Newport Beach Psychologist Will Tell You Why People Get Divorced

We all are aware of the fact that nearly half of the marriages in our country end up in divorce. The number is 40 to 50% to be more precise. Married couples or partners may choose to get a divorce for many reasons such as:

  •    Lack of commitment which includes getting married to your high school sweetheart or too young
  •       Getting hitched to the wrong person
  •       An extramarital affair
  •       Issues with communication or expressing your opinions and thoughts
  •       Tendency to bicker
  •       When there is an unfair division of chores or labor in marriage
  •       Physical abuse/assault
  •       Emotional abuse
  •       Addiction of any kind (substance/ gambling/ sex, etc.)
  •       Lack of mental preparedness for the responsibilities of marriage
  •       Financial problems and the stress related to it leading to arguments

Seeking counseling, guidance, and assistance of a reputed Newport Beach Psychologist might not be everything you need but may just prove to be a lot when it comes to coping with the aforementioned problems.