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Every relationship, whether it is your family or your friends is built on the foundation of trust. Especially when it comes to your love life or married life, broken trust can lead to major fractures in a relationship which sometimes may even lead to separation. Though some situations seem to be right from your perspective, they can cause huge harm to your partner’s feelings. Therefore, it becomes extremely crucial to understand the reasons which can lead to a loss of trust in your partner.


White Lies: one of the biggest reasons for which the trust is violated is lies. Though it can be anything that is about to save someone from bitter truth, sometimes realities are hard to face. Even if it is about sharing of the opinion, make sure you always stay genuine with your partner understanding that your partner can withstand your thoughts. Otherwise, telling white lies could bring potential harm to your relationship with violation of trust which can be a turning point for any relationship.


Secrets: it is not necessary that your partner should know every single thing about you in a relationship, but it is important that you must never have shady secrets in your relationship. Though it is not necessary that your partner should know every person you talk with, in case you are hanging around with someone and your partner is not informed about it, there are always chances of questions that target loyalty.  


Unfaithful: another big reason for break up or separation is the infidelity that comes in relationships. It may cause feelings in your partner’s head which says why they were not enough for you. This can further lead to stress and we all know that broken trust is hard to build again. Therefore, it is very important that you should understand all those sensitive issues which can hurt your partner or could bring your relationship at the verge of breaking.


Promises: last but not least, if you want to have a successful relationship, it is necessary that you must value your words. In case you have shared any promises with your partner either it is related to lifetime commitment or some routine thing like dinner or outing, you must always stick to your words. Fake promises or promises which are never filled could create a gap between the partners which becomes a prominent reason of broken trust.


Even if it is not possible to have a perfect relationship like in the movies, it is necessary that every individual into a partnership should value the needs and expectations of their partner. Especially, when it comes to trust, it is vital to avoid all the possible issues or actions that can lead to fights, stress, or even separation. This may need you to take assistance from an expert Newport Beach Marriage Counselor who could guide you with everything that can shake the roots of your relation.


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