Holistic Success Sometimes it feels like we have two left feet. In one area of life or many, we stumble, get off-beat, and possibly even trip the other “dancers” around us. Through this book, you can finally find the smooth expertise and carefree spontaneity you’ve always wanted in the dance of life. You can gain the skill of a master and the abandon of a child as the authors: ~Cover each of the main areas needed for holistic success in life, including the mind, body, heart, relationships, work and finances; ~Explain the 3 most critical tips for success in each area; ~Provide actual exercises for application and practice. As two clinical psychologists who have lived, taught, and walked others through these places, Dr. Puff and Dr. White are ready to help you dance toward true holistic success and happiness today!

The Everything Guide Anger Management Practical tools for breaking free of the cycle of anger!

Everyone gets angry once in a while, but sometimes, feelings of rage and resentment can reach unhealthy limits. If you’re trying to get a handle on your anger, The Everything Guide to Anger Management can help. With practical advice for calming and controlling anger, along with a proven step-by-step plan for lasting change, this guide teaches you how to:

  • Recognize emotional triggers.
  • Improve self-control.
  • Accept responsibility for your actions.
  • Express yourself in a healthy way.
  • Implement relaxation techniques.

With techniques from psychologists Puff and Seghers, you’ll be able to step back; put negative emotions in the proper prospective; and begin living a happier, more fulfilling life.

Reflections on Meditation For anyone interested in learning to meditate but not sure how to begin, comes this book from psychologist and meditation expert Dr. Robert Puff, contributing writer for Psychology Today and a practicing mediator himself for over thirty years. You’ll learn the value of meditation for physical and mental health, several different types of non-religious meditation, detailed instructions on how to practice each, and answers to all the questions asked by beginners. Think of it as “base camp” for starting your personal journey to enlightenment.

Success Beyond Your Imagination In, Success Beyond Your Imagination, Dr. Puff demonstrates what holds most business professionals back. It isn’t the market or the business environment, but rather their own mental commentary. By quieting the mental criticism and performing at optimal levels, business professionals will see their sales go up, productivity increase, and mental exhaustion decrease. Thus, by operating “In the Zone,” business professionals can learn how to do their jobs exceptionally well-similar to professional athletes who practice and perfect their talents to a world-class level. Indeed what separates the excellent from the elite professional is a performance done “In the Zone.” The game or sales consultation is executed flawlessly because the winner has trained to give a top performance, and then proceeds to sink the three-point basket or close the 3 million dollar sale.

“Dr. Puff has clearly presented a practical path to ‘living in the zone’ that anyone can follow. He identifies the negative patterns and habits that keep us from performing at our highest potential and how we can replace them with positive habits that lead to amazing results! Highly Recommended!”

Al Lee
Author of Perfect Breathing

“Listening to Dr. Puff’s audiobook Success Beyond Your Imagination, enables new levels of cognition–even after long days at the office. Dr. Puff’s calming voice encourages a state of relaxation while simultaneously suggesting new tools for greater on-the-job productivity. I recommend Dr. Puff’s meditation audiobooks to any person focused on reconditioning his/her thinking to achieve positive results.”

Nicole J. Mounsey, Attorney

“In Success Beyond Your Imagination, Dr. Robert Puff explains how to conquer negative mental self-talk that sabotages the ability to achieve goals. In a brilliant yet easy to understand way he reveals what winners know that enables them to overcome the devastating mind chatter and instead, be “in the zone,” empowered to reach a new level of success.”

Barbara Morris, R.Ph., Pharmacist
Author of Putting Old On Hold

Success Beyond Your Imagination is informative, heart-felt insight from Dr. Robert Puff that will and can help you turn your life around. I sincerely enjoyed this audiobook.”

Eddie Conner, Radio Host
Author of Soul Intuitive

“I really enjoyed Dr. Puff’s CD, it make me realize that while I was being filmed for The Holistic Success Show, Dr. Puff was helping me to get into the zone. When I was first there for the filming of my segment, I was a little nervous trying to look into the camera during the interview and a little apprehensive with how I was doing. But Dr. Puff realized that if we took a break from the interview part and have me demonstrating exercises from my book, then I would be more at ease. What this actually accomplished for me, was to put me in my zone. He realized that if he could put me in my comfort zone with what I know best, then the interview part of the segment will be easier. Indeed, after the exercise demonstration, we went back to finish the interview, and it went very smoothly, and I continued to be in my zone. The CD taught and reaffirmed that if you block out the chatter and go with what make you comfortable, you will be in the zone. It’s a nice feeling, very similar to when I’m doing well in a sporting event, and that is a rare thing to achieve, but Dr. Puff has the method for one to achieve that on a regular basis.”

Dr. Paul Drew
Author of Red Carpet Posture

Holistic HealthThe focus of this book, Holistic Health, is on the big picture. It is on understanding all of the many facets of our lives that need to be taken into consideration if we are to experience an overarching sense of health and happiness. Holistic Health is the foundation upon which everything else I have been teaching is built. In other words, each of the topics I have covered in other books, like Living a Peaceful Life, Anger Work: How To Express Your Anger and Still Be Kind, Meditation for Health and Happiness, How to Live a Positive Life, and so on, are a piece of the puzzle. Holistic Health, is a look at the puzzle box lid. It shows you the picture of the whole puzzle at once.

“I think Dr. Puff’s recommendations for exercise are right on. Dividing exercise between weight bearing, aerobic & flexibility is a very healthy & simple approach to feeling better. Taking care of the physical is critical to taking care of the emotional or spiritual self.”

Rick Olderman, MSPT, CPT, Physical Therapist
Author of Fixing You

“Dr. Puff’s Holistic Health CD is a wonderful introduction to the Mind, Body connection. His straightforward, practical suggestions will lead you to feeling healthy in every sense of the word.”

Dr. Sheila Forman, JD, PhD, CGP
Author of Do You Use Food To Cope?

“Dr. Puff has a great insight into Holistic Healing. In his audio CD Holistic Health, he shows how important it is to practice health in all aspects of one’s life. He has a great way of taking difficult concepts and making them easy to understand as well as practical applications of these concepts.”

Dr. Alfred W. Tomp, D.C., Upper Cervical Chiropractor

“I listened to your audio CD on the basics of Holistic Health and find it an excellent introductory primer for virtually every layperson, as well as for those experts who need a brief refresher course to bring them ‘back to reality’.”

Dr. Mark R. Sneller, M.S. Ph.D.
Author of Greener Cleaner Indoor Air

“Dr. Robert Puff’s audio CDs are wonderful resources for anyone seeking holistic solutions for their health, wealth and other concerns. His understanding and ability to communicate the elements of holistic living as well as tools for application, are invaluable. Highly recommended!”

Camille Leon, Executive Director, The Holistic Chamber of Commerce

Getting it Right: A Guide to Healthy RelationshipsIn this book Dr. Puff and Elizabeth Cappelletti, M.A., LMFT will share with you the secrets to a happy and successful relationship, the steps it takes to find one, and what you need to now about maintaining such a relationship. Learn how your past effects your present and how important self-care is in any relationship. In our society we often have our priorities mixed up by placing our jobs above all else. Dr. Puff and Cappelletti discuss just how damaging this can be both to an individual and his/her relationship and family. You have the ability with-in you to have the life and love you’ve always wanted, now you can learn how to make that happen!

How To Live a Positive LifeIn this new book “How To Live a Positive Life” Dr. Puff and Elizabeth Cappelletti, MA, LMFT teach us how to live a positive, healthy life by managing what influences we allow into our lives. This includes external influences such as the people we spend time with, what we listen to and watch. It also includes internal influences such as self-talk, mental conditioning and others. You will learn tips for maintaining healthy boundaries and knowing whether a relationship is a “keeper” or “tosser”. You will also gain some insight into why you do the things you do, and how to keep your life on a positive course.

“Dr. Puff guides you and empowers you through your own choices to improve what you put into, and consequently,wha you get out of life. A simple and profound message we all need to hear.”

Chris Kennedy Columnist

“Dr. Puff has created a complete and extensive CD on ways of how our outer and inner life affects our mind, behaviors and attitudes. He weaves a clear commentary of many areas in our life giving examples of what happens when one does not manage or filter out influences that impact our happiness and peace of mind. I think this CD, How To Live a Positive Life, is important for anyone today who wants to have a productive healthy life. The insightfulness of Dr. Puff”s examples of negativity give a strong message for a person to “take charge” of his or her life and make healthy choices right now.”

Patt Lind-Kyle, Partner Lindand Kyle Consultants
Author of Heal Your Mind
Rewire Your Brain

Living a Peaceful LifeThis book/audio book is the culmination of decades of Dr. Puff’s research and personal explorations into the highest levels of human living. A quote from the article: In simpler terms, live completely in the now. Be aware of your surroundings, but practice clearing your mind of the self-talk that clutters your thoughts. Relax and find delight in each and every thing around you, from the tiniest insect, to the song on your car radio, to a colorful painting in your doctor’s office. Simply surround yourself in the wonders of “what is,” and let go of every other thought. As you learn to just be in the now, the eventual change in you will not only be an acceptance of “what is,” but a loving of “what is.”

“I love this ebook! If you want to know what is truly essential in this life and how to remain present to it on a day to day basis than this book is for you. The insights and concepts are “take and go” tools that will transform your life! I highly recommend this ebook if you happen to be a human being.”

Lauren E. Miller
Best Selling Author/International Speaker/Stress Relief Expert

“Valuable information for personal transformation is gently and lovingly presented in a way that is easily understood. Peace of mind is a wonderous and magical state of being that is present for all of us as we walk through time. Thanks for sharing your special pearls of wisdom!”

Robert C. Jameson, Ph.D., Marriage Family Therapist
Author of The Keys to Joy-Filled Living

“When I reflect on great contemporary works of the human experience, I think of Victor Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning, I recall I Am That by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, I call to mind Awareness by Fr. Anthony de Mello. And now I add Living a Peaceful Life by Dr. Robert Puff to the list.anyone interested in fully embracing life should listen to this pithy, straight-to-the-heart audio book. And even if you aren’t interested, I ensure that you’ll like it. Like all of Dr. Puff’s works, the audio book delivery is gentle, but the message is of profound relevance to all of us who seek deeper meaning in our lives. If Dr. Puff’s book Anger Work is an essential guide to navigating through our everyday existence, then Living a Peaceful Life is the comprehensive follow-up that answers the question, “What is the next step?” This doesn’t mean you have to read or listen to Anger Work first. Living a Peaceful Life stands alone. Dr. Puff shares about an experience he had with an elderly woman who lived in a nursing home. She was alone-her husband and her son had died, her grandson was a drug addict, and she was plagued by multiple health problems. Despite her setbacks, Dr. Puff describes her as one of the happiest people he had ever met. Why? Her life had meaning, she spend her days helping those around her. She accepted “what is” and by doing so found peace and happiness. He provides additional examples and insights throughout the audio book. By the end, you can’t help but want to plunge into your life taking his “what is” approach. A wise teacher once said, “You can’t like Hollywood but reject the horror films.” Dr. Puff’s audio book teaches you to love life, to be at peace with yourself regardless of your circumstances, and to fully embrace every moment. I encourage you to listen to his audio book and experience for yourself the life that awaits you.”

Lawrence Ineno, Freelance Ghost Writer

“Dr. Puff’s CD Living a Peaceful Life is full of practical and inspirational advice and information, illustrated with personal stories. Dr. Puff soothing voice and calming manner of speaking immediately puts the listening into a relax, receptive state. This CD cover just about every area necessary to give one the tools to live more peacefully. This is a valuable tool for anyone who is looking for answers and assistance in dealing with the overwhelm most of us deal with everyday. I highly recommend this CD to anyone looking for ways to incorporate more peace into their lives.”

Tanna Marshall, Holistic Life Coach
Author of Living Peacefully in a Big City

“Dr. Puff shares his wisdom with confidence and vast experience. I learned a lot from his clear and profound advice on how to life a fuller life in Living a Peaceful Life.”

Camilla Granasen
Yoga and Meditation Instructor

Meditation for Health and HappinessIn his new book/audio book, “Meditation for Health and Happiness”, Dr. Puff discusses the importance of practicing daily meditation. Sharing findings from numerous research studies conducted by scientists and psychologists all over the country, Dr. Puff talks about the long-term effects of stress on the body and mind; and how meditating regularly can heal everything from high blood pressure, heart palpitations, and back pain, to mental depression and anxiety. Not only will Dr. Puff talk you through a very basic and easy meditation, you will learn about the history of meditation, and how it has been incorporated into nearly all of the world’s great religions. Whether you’re new to meditation or you have meditated for years, you’ll find this book/audio book both fascinating and informative. On the CD, there is an additional 30 minute guided meditation for stress management.

“Dr. Puff explains in such an easy to understand format how anyone can begin to meditate to improve their own health and ultimately make him or herself happier. His years of research are well documented and he shares these findings with the listener. He clearly breaks down the myths of traditional meditation that have kept so many of us from participating. He explains step by step how to start meditating in an easy to understand way. For anyone seeking to improve his or her overall health and well being this audio Cd is a great place to start.”

Keith Ahrens, CFT, Bestselling Author, Speaker, Trainer
Author of Outrunning My Shadow: Surviving Open-Heart Surgery and Battling Obesity/The Decision to Change My Life

“I thoroughly enjoyed this CD. It was informative and relaxing in and of itself. I would recommend this CD to the novice in meditation as a wonderful introduction to a healthy, beneficial practice.”

Tanna Marshall, author of Living Peacefully in a Big City

“Meditation for Health and Happiness explains the very important need for a meditative practice in everyone’s life. Dr. Puff’s soothing voice and calm demeanor takes you through a guided meditation that is both relaxing and calming.”

Dr. Sheila Forman, JD, PhD, CGP
Author of Self-fullness: The Art of Loving And Caring For Your ‘Self’

“Your CD, Meditation for Health and Happiness, was a reinforcement of the value of incorporating meditation into your daily life. I can use your philosophy as an additional tool in my teaching! I will recommend your e-book and your very interesting CD to my students. The information you provide is very important for stress management. Everyone at some point in their lives has been under stress for various reasons, and learning how to handle the long-term effects of stress thru meditation is and excellent addition to their fitness program. Stress puts an enormous physical strain on the body and mind causing high blood pressure, heart palpitations, back pain, mental depression or anxiety. Daily meditation can be an invaluable addition to achieving a healthier lifestyle. Thank you Dr. Puff for your very informative and interesting CD and for helping others achieve a balanced and peaceful life.”

Rene’ Burton, Fitness Trainer
Author of It’s Never Too Late

Raising Healthy Children and TeenagersRaising Healthy Children and Teenagers is one of the most important things that we will ever do in life. How they turn out, how life goes for them, whether they experience joy and happiness because of their inner strength and resources, or struggle with life because of inadequate coping skills is largely in our hands. In this book/audio book we discuss three main areas that are crucial to raising healthy children: how you treat your children, what you expose your children to, and what you model for them. These three areas directly affect the overall well-being, behavior, and mental health of your children as well as pave the way for their future relationships. Learn how to build a healthy relationship with your children and how to limit their exposure to negative influences. Learn how your everyday actions impact your children and how to create change that will help you raise happy and healthy children and teens.

“A great set of training wheels for re-connecting with your kids and becoming a better parent.”

Eugene Buchanan
Author of Outdoor Parents, Outdoor Kids

“Dr. Puff and Elizabeth Cappelletti M.A., LMFT put everything into perspective in this very informative CD, Raising Healthy Children and Teenagers, with a simple plan of action, so it is easy to understand for anyone listening to it. It’s never too late to institute these simple techniques, whether you have children or even thinking about having children. This CD is a must to have in parent’s toolkit raising their first child. Parents can start to learn how to set boundaries for themselves, as well as for their children to have happy, healthy, and fulfilling lives. This CD is certainly a step in the right direction of creating children who will have high self-esteem and self-confidence to be the best they can be. So hurry and go purchase Raising Healthy Children and Teenagers before it’s too late.”

Evelyn Gray, CPO-CD, Productivity Expert
Author of Let’s Get Organized!
The Ultimate Time Management Guide

Spiritual EnlightenmentIn Spiritual Enlightenment: Awakening to the Supreme Reality, Dr. Robert Puff explores how we can open the door to who we are and start the exciting journey of living lives that are spiritually awakened.In this book, Dr. Puff covers a variety of fascinating aspects relating to enlightenment, such as the power of silence and meditation; how to discover your real self; what being enlightened means for how we interact with the world; as well as how to find peace in the here and now. The issues the book deals with pinpoint many problems we face in our current day, such as how to be happier/more peaceful/more spiritual. It answers these questions in an insightful way that enables us to understand how to go about achieving them as well as how to have more enlightened lives.Dr. Puff provides you with practical advice that you can use to help you start your amazing journey towards enlightenment. With this book, enlightenment is no longer an overwhelming concept, but rather it becomes a tangible gift that can revolutionize your existence on earth.

Anger Work: How To Express Your Anger and Still Be KindThis is a Hands-On guidebook which teaches the highly successful techniques that Dr. Robert Puff uses to help his clients. You will learn to rid yourself of anger, stress-induced illness, depression, addictive behaviors, and other emotional baggage, which inhibit your happiness and make loving relationships difficult.Anger Work techniques explained in the book range from scream release to expressive artwork, from hitting a punching bag to creative visualization, with many more suggestions. A broad range of Anger Work activities is described so you can tailor it to your personality and situation.

“Self-Help” books are among the most popular read for women these days. Women are reaching out and seeking whatever help they can find to improve their mind, body and spirit. I have probably read over a hundred “self-help” books in the past year. Most of the time, I have been really disappointed when I finish the books. I feel the cover of the book often gave me a false impression of what I would find inside. “Hey, the cover offers the magical cure for all that ails me. So where is it?”, I would ask myself. Yesterday, I received a copy of the book, Anger Work: How To Express Your Anger And Still Be Kind., from Dr. Puff. To be honest with you and not to offend Dr. Puff, I put it aside, thinking, oh, yea, here is another one. I was having a bad day and didn’t want to be bothered with more psycho-mumbo about how to change my life. Well….I woke up around 1:00 am and couldn’t go back to sleep. The book was on my nightstand and I picked it up to read the cover. The next thing I knew, I had finished the book! Dr. Puff talked about things that were so relevant to me that it was scary. He has taken the emotion of anger and brought it to a level that makes it really manageable. I don’t think I realized how much anger can affect who we are and how we are perceived by others. It affects every area of life and yet so few people ever learn how to effectively express it without royally ticking someone off or making themselves miserable by holding onto it. Dr. Puff will show you how you can effectively manage anger while being kind to yourself and those around you. I wont give away any of the details of the book. I think it is one that you have to read for yourself in order to feel what Dr. Puff is attempting to pass on to you. This book is definitely one that will stay with me as I embark into this anger work program that Dr. Puff has shown me. I highly recommend this book to all of you. I believe the information found inside will change your life, and I don’t say that lightly.”

Book Review by Rhonda Braly, Editor-in-Chief for A Time for Women

“I have told everyone I meet about your book. I want you to know the impact that your words have had on my life. I no longer take people’s verbal abuse, I tell those who choose to speak harshly to me that I do not deserve to be spoken to that way and walk away. You made me realize that my over eating was self-abuse and although I was mourning over the abuse in my own life, I was adding to it. Thank you for your generosity and your wisdom. You are a true blessing to this world. With much respect and admiration.”

Annette Perkowski, Pennsylvania

What Readers Are Saying…

“Dr. Puff’s work is making good people better. He’s giving them the tools to empower themselves to improve their own lives. His work is instrumental in helping people move forward in their lives. The board was lit up with callers waiting to talk to Dr. Puff. Fabulous! A terrific interview! So articulate.”

Julie Isphording of X-Star Radio Network

“This is a great book – there are a number of anger books on the market, which I have, but I find yours (Dr. Puff’s) extremely concise, right to the point. It has everything in it that folks need – It gets right to the core of where the work (with anger management) needs to be.”

David McMillin, MFCC, host of Strategies for Living

“Wanted you to know I read your book and WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a must read for all victims/survivors of domestic violence/abuse.”

Barbara Baker, President, TEAMCares Inc.

“I just need to let you know how important an impact your book has made on my 36 year old son. He has been having conflict with his 16 year old daughter. I gave him your book to read and it is beginning to turn their relationship around. He has faced his fear of realizing that she does not have to be ‘PERFECT’. She is really a good kid. Your book has released a lot of pressure off both of them. Bless you.”

Dianne Semanco Covenantal Relations Ministries Cleveland, Ohio

“I know I have sent you a comment concerning your book in the past but that was a couple of years ago and I just have to tell you how much your book changed my life. When I face a challenge I find myself handling it with calmness, and remembering to respect myself. For years I wanted to please everyone else but forgot about myself. Now, I feel fulfilled and at peace when life throws me a loop because I have the tools to respect and honor myself as well as others. I have told so many people about your book and the help that it offers. . . I wish you and your family a joyous, healthy New Year.”

Annette Perkowski, Pennsylvania

“I am someone who had never been very comfortable with expressing my anger, so I didn’t have a real problem with “blowing up,” but I did have a problem with “bottling up” my feelings. This e-book/audio book has helped me learn how to me more comfortable with my own anger & validate it. This has given me more courage to speak up when I need to, without being abusive. I also like how Dr. Puff explains the difference between sadness and depression. For me the strongest point of Anger Work: How To Express Your Anger and Still Be Kind is the balanced approach indicated in the Title. I’ve known plenty of people who were in touch with their anger, but they were scary and often mean. How freeing it is to find a way to experience and express my anger with losing my humanity! Dr. Puff lists so many different hands-on exercises for dealing with your anger: (pillow-pounding, painting, batting practice, journaling, etc.) that I could safely say it has something for everyone, even if your personality is very different from mine.”

Kris Johnson, California

“I want to thank you for sending me your book…After I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down…I found it very informative and I am already trying to use the Anger Work method. As I said in my e-mail to you when I asked for the book, I have a 10 year old daughter that has many disorders and two that are extreme is Bi-Polar, and a Mood disorder. I struggle with my emotions everyday in parenting this daughter and my two others, since I am doing it all alone. So life is really challenging most days. Again, thank you!”

Shelly, Wisconsin

“Though we have only had a few days of school, I have already loaned out your book to a student and her mother. Your philosophy and technique fits with what the parent already believes. She found this very validating and is hoping that if your daughter “sees it in writing,” she too will come to view her anger and externalizing behavior in a more healthy way, and begin to develop more beneficial strategies to address it. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise with the world. Please know I will use this resource with care and sensitivity for the greater good of the students, parents and teacher with whom I work.”

Mary W., CSW, New York

“The book that you sent me has changed my life. I no longer take out my anger on my children, husband or co-workers. I have started to pass the book around my work place…the works made sense to me. I was looking for positive ways to express my anger and this book definitely does that. The concept may be elementary, but I was never taught how to correctly express anger and frustration, so I stuffed it. I want to personally thank you for this book…”

Jean P., Minnesota

“I received your book yesterday. Thank you very much. Reading through it validated much of what I’ve suspected recently. Many behaviors were an inappropriate response to anger and sadness. No one, surprisingly enough, has ever suggested that to me before. We’re taught so many things that end up being misinterpreted as the “correct” way to handle things in our lives such as religious beliefs, not allowing appropriate expression of anger, or even feeling anger for that matter. It takes on a different form that seems to perpetuate depressive cycles and very low self esteem. Wow, I’ve been through much of that stuff. I can see a way out. “Drain the lake” so to speak and let the grass grow! I can’t thank you enough for putting it in perspective. I have something to work with now.”

Nancy H, California

“Various psychosomatic illnesses and physical pain had plagued me all my life due to unconscious repressed rage. Dr. Puff’s book on anger helped me to admit my anger and find ways of expressing it without hurting myself or others. Now my illnesses and pain are healing. His methods work! Doing Anger Work is changing my life! If you are like me and hold your feelings inside because you want to be ‘a good person,’ this book will change your life too.”

Rae S., Iowa

“A practical guide to dealing with the issues in life that keep us from reaching our full potential as human beings. In Dr. Puff’s book, he provides straight forward explanations of the causal relationship between what has happened in our past and its connection to the present. His recommendations for managing the stress in our lives revolve around activities that promote healing and health. Dr. Puff’s focus on breaking the cycle of abusive behavior towards ourselves and/or others is particularly helpful for those who struggle with feelings of guilt and shame. The information presented gives simple, yet effective recommendations in dealing the situations in life that make us angry. I highly recommend Dr. Puff’s book for its pragmatic approach to attaining emotional health through its emphasis on treating ourselves and others with dignity and respect.”

Osamu T., Japan

“I have two words to describe Dr. Puff’s book: Life Changing. It should be noted, Anger Work is only for a specific group of people: people with stress in their lives. No one else needs bother. If you have stress, a lot or a little, Anger Work will improve the quality of your life and help you be happy – period.”

Keith B., California

“I found this book helpful, and enjoyable to read, so much so that I read the whole thing is one sitting! The premise of this book is that the way to “express your anger and still be kind” is to work-out your anger on your own before communicating it to others. this way when you talk to others, they don’t get blasted with the full force and intensity of your anger. We’ve all heard the advice “count to ten when you’re angry.” This book goes far beyond that and tells you what you REALLY need to know. Not only did Dr. Puff convince me that being passive aggressive or making rude comments ultimately hurts ME more than anyone else, but he also offered the hands-on “here’s what to do” advice that I was looking for. I actually tried some of the suggestions, and was able to work through and let go of a long-standing grudge. I enjoyed reading the personal stories, especially the one about Bob in the section People Who Don’t Feel Angry, But Have Issues From the Past. I love that quote: “Quick forgiveness is often false forgiveness, and false forgiveness can be detrimental to the health (both mental and physical) of the one who practices it. In that sense, false forgiveness can be worse than no forgiveness.” I am an artist myself, so I found it refreshing to see some creative alternatives included with the more classic kick-boxing or punching bag methods. I highly recommend this book. It’s good stuff and fast reading.”

Melinda Williams, Massachusetts

“This book is so much more than an instruction manual for using controlled anger in order to rid oneself of the negative effects of many psychological challenges. In Anger Work, Dr. Puff truly captures the essence of how being kind to both yourself and others determines the state of your personal well-being. It is an easy-to-read book that can bring benefit to most anyone who desires to find greater happiness and contentment.”

Patrick T., California

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