Dr. Robert Puff Top Ranked Clinical Psychologist in the USA

Dr. Robert Puff, Ph.D.

Optimal Success for Businesses, Organizations, Entrepreneurs & Executives

– 25 years’ experience
– No-Risk Trial Consultation
– Address a variety of issues with one consultant
– Control costs with no-contract, pay-as-you-go service
– Convenient 45-minute phone consultations available

Dr. Robert Puff brings 25 years of experience in psychotherapy helping individuals, institutions and organizations find success and balance. In addition to in-person consultation for workplace stress management or other issues, Dr. Puff is available for 45-minute phone consultations – an economical alternative to having him travel for in-person consultation. Your first consultation, be it about stress and anger management or goal planning and achievement, is Risk-Free. If you find that Dr. Puff’s services are not a good match for your needs, there will be no charge.

With his office located in Newport Beach, CA, Dr. Puff is frequently contacted by media representatives for his expertise on a variety of issues like stress management, morale improvement and more. He can assist you or your organization with:

– Stress Management
– Anger Management
– Goal Achievement (overcoming hidden obstacles)
– “In the Zone” focus for management and sales personnel
– Problematic Employee Issues
– Keeping Personal Problems from affecting Work Performance
– Morale Improvement
– Hiring & Firing Guidelines: What to look for in new-hires; Who, When & How to terminate
– Personality Conflicts in the Workplace
– Positive Work Environment & Culture
– Long-Term Goal Planning