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Most of the marriage relations end up due to lack of understanding and when it comes to understanding, it is very important that every couple which is struggling in their married life should know about the health of their marriage. Don’t worry it is nothing about having a test in a lab but all about understanding the many factors which are related to your married life. Let us go through some quick checks which are suggested by Newport Beach Marriage Counselor for checking any kind of instabilities you are having with your partner.

Most of the times, couples try to estimate the happiness level of their marriage with many assumptions on which they rank a relationship. One of the most common assumptions is thinking that “I am Happy” however, it is not necessary that you are happy because of your life partner but instead it could be the family, friends, work or may be any other factor which is making you happy. Moreover, some other ideas on good marriage include handling good and bad times well, spending a great time with each other, and accomplishing great things with each other. However, there are many other things which are required to be considered in order to have a healthy marriage.

Another important reason for which you can consider the state of your marriage is the sharing of emotions and the behavior of your partner. Many people believe that they are having a good relationship if their partner has a respectful behavior towards them. Also, the gestures such as saying special things and giving presents are also signs of a happy marriage. But marriage is not all about gifts and luxuries, it is much more than that which needs to be understood in order to have a successful marriage.


This is why it is necessary that you both must share your thoughts with each other defining your definition of a healthy marriage so that you could work on each other’s needs. It is necessary that you both must take the advice of each other related to your marriage for determining any pitfalls that could cause trouble in future. A great move which couples can take is to make notes of each other’s definition of perfect marriage and start working on setting common goals which need the participation from both sides to achieve the good. However, keeping a communication becomes tough at times and at that time you could reach for Newport Beach Marriage Counselor services for getting the right assistance related to your marriage.