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Instinctively, the leopard gets better and more adept at stalking and ambushing its prey. An empty belly drives the leopard to hone its inborn skills to perfection. However, instinct doesn’t inspire the leopard to have a better attitude or improve its communication skills. The leopard doesn’t concern itself with anything other than survival and maybe comfort. So, what inspires us to improve? Why is personal growth a priority for most people? Is it instinct?


Like the leopard, most people choose to make personal growth a priority because of discomfort. A relationship may be strained, a belt may be too tight, or people skills may be keeping you from advancing in your career. It isn’t quite as primal as the leopard chasing down dinner, but its close. An intimate relationship, being a good parent, a good provider, or even being popular can drive us to be our best self. Not getting the girl, or the promotion, spurs us to improve our social and professional skills.


How badly to you want the girl, or guy, or more money, or more popularity, or even an opportunity to make the world a better place? If you are honest with yourself, you realize the onerous is on you to make the necessary changes in yourself; physically, mentally, and emotionally. You may also realize you need a coach to help you to identify and make the proper changes.

Seeking the Standard

What is it going to take to get what you want? Do you know? How do you get flatter abs, a bigger bank account, a winning personality, or a more reflective soul? Again, a coach is a big help in this area. A coach shows you the way; the path you need to take to reach your goal. A coach also helps you to have the proper mindset, attitude, and resolve. A good coach has been there. He isn’t just a cheerleader; he is a mentor, a guide, a teacher, and an inspiration.

Making the Choice

It is important to know that personal growth is a choice—your choice—between your discomfort and the ideal that can take that discomfort away. You may need your coach to encourage you when you discover that the process isn’t easy. Sure, you are uncomfortable, but initially change is even more uncomfortable. Your coach will help you remember why you want to change; what is it you want; whom do you want to be with; and how you are going to do it. Instinctively, self-improvement begets self-improvement. The more you realize how it improves your life, the more you want.