Dr. Robert Puff Top Ranked Clinical Psychologist in the USA

Raising our children is one of the most important things that we will ever do in life. How they turn out, how life goes for them, whether they experience joy and happiness because of their inner strength and resources, or struggle with life because of inadequate coping skills is largely in our hands. Many adults have had hundreds, if not thousands of hours of training for their profession, yet when we become parents there is virtually no training available for what most people agree is one of the most important jobs on the planet: being a parent. So where do we largely learn our skills in parenting? Most of what we know comes from the way we were raised. If our upbringing was less than ideal, then we do our best to learn from our parent’s mistakes and fill in the gaps ourselves. If we had wise parents who did a marvelous job, then we come equipped with some good tools. Still, most of us can think of some things we would like to improve upon. We, Elizabeth Cappelletti, M.A., LMFT and Dr. Robert Puff would like you to spend about one hour of your time with us to benefit from our professional, psychological training and extensive experience working with families. Perhaps we can pass something on to you that can boost your success as you undertake the challenging and rewarding job of parenting. Between the two of us we have had about 20 years of academic and professional training at some of the top universities and medical training facilities in the world. We have had decades of experience doing therapy, helping parents from varied backgrounds, with many types of difficulties raising their children. We have taught parents, educators, and professionals preparing to enter the field of mental health at various academic institutions and facilities. We have also been on hundreds of media interviews, including magazines, online magazines, TV and radio talk shows all over the world. Our expertise is sought on a variety of psychological topics including: parenting, relationship issues, depression, healing from past traumas, stress and anger management. Click to download Elizabeth Cappelletti, M.A., LMFT & Doctor Puff’s article, “Raising Healthy Children and Adolescents”