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Romantic relationships can add value and purpose to your life. But when things start getting tense, relationships could also jeopardize your emotional health. If you are able to detect the problems as they begin to occur, you can preserve your relationship. Your relationship issues can be resolved when you know what is at the core of the problem. Remember, relationships bring value into your life. Don’t give up on the person who is already in your life. Love is worth fighting for. Here, we will discuss only a few things that could cause relationship strife, but perhaps it will help you.

Poor Communication

The biggest indicator of relationship issues is lack of communication. You both may be unable to sort your feelings, or may feel unsafe about sharing your thoughts with each other. Things are just not “getting across.” You’re just not understanding what you are each trying to say. You may shut down each time your spouse tries to speak with you, or when you feel that you’re not being understood. Poor communication can stem from a few things. If basic factors like listening and being honest and clear are missing, then communication will be impossible. Becoming a good listener will greatly improve communication, and eventually your relationship. Take the time to hear what your partner is saying and pay attention. You may have been missing a few things when you were thinking about what you were going to say next. Learning to be clear will help your significant other understand you. In stressful situations, it’s easy to beat around the bush and not risk communicating clearly. It may be difficult at first, but be honest and clear about how you’re feeling.

High Expectations

Another red flag is setting unrealistic expectations. Your partner isn’t going to be perfect, and sometimes not all of your emotional needs will be fulfilled by your relationship. See your significant other as a human being—someone who makes mistakes. Your partner is a dynamic human being who is growing and changing as much as you are. The great thing about love is that you can accept him or her completely. Remember, expecting your relationship to be perfect would set yourself up for relationship disaster; you will only find disappointment. These two factors can both be causes for other issues in the relationship. Poor communication can translate into money issues, and high expectations result in frustration and jealousy. But both issues can be resolved and the relationship can be revived if communication is effective and both individuals present forgiving, unconditional love for each other.