Dr. Robert Puff Top Ranked Clinical Psychologist in the USA

Annette W.

Check out his happiness podcasts. They are great, very insightful and bringing you back to inner peace knowing you’re in control of every situation and your response to it by controlling your thoughts. The more we control our thoughts towards peace and happiness, that’s what we will experience. These are short 10-15 minute podcasts which […]

Heather S.

Dr. Puff is extremely knowledgeable and highly experienced. His happiness podcasts cover a wide variety of feelings and experiences and his techniques can be applied to any situation. Depression and difficult life experiences can often make people feel unmotivated, helpless and hopeless. Dr. Puff ‘ s podcasts offer tools that can be used immediately by […]

Patrick A.

Review of dr puff’s podcast … what a wonderful and beautiful Podcast that Dr Puff has … his “happiness podcast” is a gem, and an oasis of positivity. He has a gift of speaking calmly but effectively, and conveying important points about thoughts and living in relatively short podcast episodes. I have picked up and […]

Zhen H.

Dr. Robert Puff is an incredible person. He is generous with his expertise and genuinely wishes everyone lives a good and happy life. He is welcoming, kind, and patient and truly wants to help bring happiness and success to others. His podcast helped me become more positive and live life with more intentions and gratitude. […]

Aakash S.

I’ve listened to Dr. Puff’s podcast since 2017 and it has had a transformative effect on my life. I recommended it highly because it offers a unique perspective with a spiritual foundation combined with practical applications, without being preachy or dogmatic. It takes a special person to strike such a fine balance. I count myself […]

Lois S.

Absolutely one of the leading healers of our time. His message is powerful as he promotes peace, inner healing and self love without judgement.

Coleen S.

Dr. Puff is amazing. He has helped me so much since I have started listening to his podcasts. After 18 months of couples therapy, I decided I just needed to work on my own happiness. By following his suggestions I am so much happier. I tell lots of people about him. I hope they listen […]